These tutorials are all about setting up Cucumber from scratch, with no prior knowledge at all. I’ve been asked many times for links to blog posts on where to start if you are a complete beginner. I have found none of a sufficient quality, so I thought I’d write some myself. There are quite a few blog posts out there that are tailored for people who have already set Cucumber up. The posts below are for people who haven’t done that before. I’ll also be going into a bit more detail than other tutorials, to try to explain exactly what we are doing (instead of just telling you to do stuff), if you need it.

The first few are how to install everything. There are different steps that will depend on which type of computer you are using. I’ll separate them into different tutorials so that you don’t need to jump around, all you need to do is follow all the steps in your particular one.

Setting up Cucumber on OS X

Setting up Cucumber on OSX for complete beginners

Setting up Cucumber on Windows – almost done!

Setting up Cucumber on Windows for complete beginners

Once you’re set up, you can go to the following article to learn how to go about writing your first test:

Writing your first Cucumber test