Like me, you may have been keen to upgrade your computer to the new Windows 10 operating system. It’s free for owners of Windows 7 and 8, so I’m sure many of you will have wanted to see what it’s like.

However if, like me, you have a Radeon graphics card, you may have run into some issues. When I installed Windows 10, it would reboot after about a minute of logging in. I was stuck in a loop. Every time I logged in, it would crash. It would then reboot and the same would happen again. Fortunately, there’s a fix!


You have to be fast fingered but, if you have the same issue as me, your machine will be crashing due to the graphics card drivers, so you will need to quickly end the tasks of everything Radeon related. As soon as you log in, quickly press ctrl + alt + delete and then select Task Manager. Once this has been loaded, quickly select the left most column to and highlight anything that has AMD or Catalyst at the beginning and select the End task button in the bottom right corner. Do this until you have ended all graphics card related processes. You’ll know you’re successful as your computer won’t reboot!

Task Manager

Once you’ve prevented your computer from rebooting, you will need to update the graphics card drivers so that it doesn’t happened again and so that you can perform graphics intensive tasks again. The easiest way is to hold down the Windows key and press E. This will load File Explorer. Once that’s loaded, right click on This PC on the menu on the left hand side and select Properties. This will load your System settings. From there, select Device Manager from the menu on the left hand side.

Device Manager

Once Device Manager is loaded, select Display Adapters and it will open up the sub menu. Now double click on your graphics card (It will probably start with AMD Radeon). This will load the Properties in a new window. Select the second tab, which should be Driver and click on Update Driver. A dialog will appear, asking you how you would like to search for driver software. Select the top option, which should be Search automatically for updated driver software. This will update your Radeon drivers and once you reboot, you should not be caught in the loop again!